Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Removing the hoochie: Separating the skirt from the bodice of the dress

ahh, the good old days

For the past 2 years (yes, it's been that long) I've always wanted a pleated skirt. I think it has something to do with the 40's-50's vintage fashion resurgence that occurred lately. I'm also one of the many that are digging the wears on Madmen. I also like the idea of conservative-ness, and trending towards the more elegant versus the flashy. I remember back in the day when I would go gaga over anything that was covered in glitter or sequins. I reluctantly pass those items in the store because they just don't go with my more mature closet. I guess that happens to everyone, right? Have you let go of your college wardrobe yet?

Again, got these from pinterest.
Too lazy to figure out how to link them

Anyways, I really wanted a pleated skirt, especially one with a modest hemline so that it can be worn casually. I've seen a couple pleated skirts at flea markets and retailers, but they've always been pretty expensive. But wait! I found one at SA's 50% sale...except it was attached to a hoochie top. The dress is made by LC Lauren Conrad, and boy, do I have a bone to pick with her. I've seen some of her stuff at Kohl's, and I'd have to say that her style is conservative + hoochie trends. This is of course my opinion, and some of her clothes are fine. However, there are times when I find something utterly timeless being mashed together with something "junior" (I picked this term up from this season's Project Runway:All Stars, which is not a complement). Here's the dress that I found at SA. I'm not a fan of the illusion neckline. I think it makes it look cheap.

                                 Before: The flash makes it look more pink than it really is. I'm gonna saw you in half! Mu-hahaha

There was a lining underneath, and all four pieces were sergered together along the waistline. It took me forever to seam rip the top from bottom. I also had to reattach my lining to the waist band. Sorry, I don't have any pictures for this refashion. There wasn't much technique involved with this one, just a lot of time and patience.

Oooo, and another note: My washable Crayola markers came in the mail today. I bought them to make marks on my material. I'm super excited to use them. The chalk pencils from the store were very difficult to use and impossible to show on camera. I can't wait to use them!

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