Wednesday, January 16, 2013


This was inspired by So I Sewed This..'s blog about spreading enjoyment through sewing. I'll have to admit that, though I am fairly new to blogging and tailoring, I overwhelm myself with different ideas/projects or urges to buy more materials. I've seen other blogs declare similar resolutions, where they will post less and sew only for enjoyment. I guess I should create some parameters for myself as well.

How will I focus on enjoyment?

  • Stop buying random yards of fabric just because it's cheap. I already have a giant box of materials that are waiting to be used. Let's focus more on creativity and not consumption.
  • Same goes with buying refashioning clothes at thrift stores. 
  • Finish one project before I move on to the next. Why bother making something when you can't wear anything that you've worked on?
  • I'm going to work on getting my class work (ugh, yes i'm going back to school) done first before I sew. That way I won't feel anxious or guilty when I'm sewing.

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  1. Great list! I need to not buy random yards of fabric because it's cheap as well. I rationalize it by saying i can use it for a muslin! ha ha, that is if i'd ever take the time to make muslins =) I'm going to try