Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Clean slate

Hello to all!

I'm excited to post my first entry for my very first blog. I started a website back in junior high when I was experimenting with html code, but I'm not going to count that. It was covered in pictures of JC Chasez and some random boy band guys. Sigh, those were the days, right?

Anyways, thanks to my wonderful friends, I have decided to open a blog where I can share the small achievements of my adventures in sewing, refashioning, cooking, and basic soul upkeep. 

Inspiration for my title:
"You can like the life you're living
You can live the life you like"

I realize now that people aren't born into the life that they wish that they were living. We all have to work hard and savor our achievements.Sounds like a simple idea? Some how I have overlooked this lesson for twenty plus years and thought how unfair it was that people were having more fun than me. Well, here is where the other shoe drops. I guess it's the same saying as making lemonade from lemons, looking for a silver lining, and seeing things as half full.

I'm excited to start refashioning my life.

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