Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Building my arsenal

Looking for the right sewing machine:
I purchased a super cheap sewing machine ($30) thinking that I could make a whole lot of something for nothing, but alas, it was utterly a POS. I'm going to return it when I get a chance. 2 hours of threading, re-threading, trying to wind a bobbin 3 times, and still having issues with tension! I'm looking forward to my new Brother sewing machine. Will post when it comes :)

I love going to fabric stores and I recently went to one near my apartment called Beverly's. I found the best prints on the clearance table! Here's my favorite aisle in the store. Too bad their regularly priced prints are around $10/yd. Wowza.

On the bright side, I went through my closet and the local salvation army and found a ton of things I can refashion or tailor. Take a look! On the left, are the clothes that will need to be tailored. On the right are clothes that I plan on refashioning. And on the bottom, are the rawest of my materials, random yards of cloth. Lots of materials to use. Can't wait to start sewing!

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